Apart from the historical monuments and cultural attractions, one many also enjoy the most scenic beauty and natural surroundings; there is a big lake, located on the 1000 meters above sea level in southern part of Shan State.

All of the facilities provided to the tourists are from the back-packers to high-end clients, stand at the bank of the lake (or) at the middle part of the lake. Many villages surrounded to the main lake are in more than hundred with floating gardens, floating villages and the most outstanding attractions are the leg-rowers, who are called Inthar (or) son of the lake. Many based on the fishing business, each and every village with their own professions like weaving, silver smith, black-smith and farming with hydroponics system.

Besides, in Inlay area, one major Pagoda, Paung Daw Oo with annual festival in every September to October (according to the Buddhist calendar month) last about 2 weeks with traditional boat racing cultural dances and religious activities. Another tourist attractions are five-day market held to the village around the lake with their own time-table. This is a big chance to see the all major ethnic people come and trade their local products in the market.



45 kilometers (28 miles) north of Kalaw is famous for its caver in which there are thousands of Buddha images, some of which are very richly gilt. Still a great amazing visit with curious interest, we could appreciate to the donor, in terms of their great respect to the Buddha and also for their big attempt of sculpturing the images in various positions and sizes. From the junction of small city Aung Ban, it takes about 1½ hours drive to Pindaya and the route and the landscapes are representing as Myanmar’s swifter land.

Another tourist attractions are the people work at traditional crafts of mulberry papermaking, umbrella making and bamboo hat making. Also of you are in a good chance, many Danu, Shan, Taung Thu and Taung Yo races can be seen at the Pindaya market day.



Kalaw, another peaceful hill resort 44 miles west of Taungyi, is a flowery heaven with fragrant pine wood. Still remains of the British atmosphere, the pretty English style cottages located on hilltops, and had built many houses reminiscent of their homes back in England. Today Kalaw is more like a centre for trekking lovers and two or three days can be easily spend to visit the Paoh and Palaung villages of their area.