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Ngapali Beach

Only about 40 minutes flight from Yangon to Thandwe. There is a place certainly be most people’s idea of a beach paradise is called Ngapali. Ngapali beach is known as “the Naples of the East”.

This unspoilt beach is hard to imagine anywhere that comes closer to heaven on earth than this three kilometers stretch of coast on the western edge of Myanmar where the crystal and blue sea,snow,white sand and flattened slope are founded.

The fishing fleet and the villages around the beach makes the perfect beauty of the beach. The best time to say good bye for a day, watching the sun set over the bay of Bengal is really breath-taking moment for you at the beach.

Myauk Oo


Another famous cultural site with marvelous ancient temples and Pagodas, Myauk Oo is once the golden capital of Rakhine state between 12th to 16th Century. It is located in the north of Rakkhine state, surrounded by mountains.

Hundreds of Religious monuments still remain on the land of Myauk-Oo seems like a big competition to the famous temple and stupa of Bagan. But Myauk Oo stands on his own beauty and different style in arts and architecture. The places of interest in Myauk Oo are Shit Thaung Pagoda, Htoke-Kan Thein, Andaw Thein, Koethaung Pagoda etc. About 80 kilo meters north of Myauk Oo is the archaeological site of Welthali, another ancient capital dating back to the 4th Century. Myauk Oo is reached by a 5 hours boat trip along the Kaladan River from the capital of the Rakhine state, Sittwe (Akyab).