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Nowadays Mandalay is the second largest city of Myanmar, and once it was the last royal capital of our kingdom in 1885, founded and promoted by noble king named Mindon. It was the focal point of culture and many traditions arts.

It may be said nostalgia for Myanmar last royal capital, enchantment with the myriad pagodas dotting all corners of the region's landscape and the warmth and vitality of the people weave a spell around the visitor that is difficult to escape.

There is the beautiful Mandalay Hill 236 meters above the surrounding countryside with its kilometer long covered stairways and remarkable pagodas and below, the four square kilometers space with beautiful moat surrounded to the newly reconstructed Royal Palace with the original Myanmar traditional style and size.

Geographically Mandalay is located almost at the centre of the country and highly accessible to all parts of tourist destinations. Also three old capitals are one hour drive from Mandalay, known as Amarapura, Innwa and Sagaing.



Half an hour drive to southern part of Mandalay and the meaning of the city is immortal-city. Traditionally, the Mandalay people named Taung-Myo, due to the southern part of Mandalay. It was once a capital of King of Mandalay before he moved his palace and the remains of palace wall and the stupas, monasteries can be seen. The main attraction for the tourist is the great monastery, Mahagandayon, where you can study about the monastic life in detail. Besides, there is a big wooden bridge famous for its beauty and interesting story behind. It is called U Bein bridge.

Amarapura is also famous for its silk and cotton weaving industries. Pottery works and famous silver smiths are also the main business of Sagaing.



About 20 kilometers ( 13 miles ) far from Mandalay, Sagaing is located at the western part of Ayeyarwaddy River. Once it was a capital of that area, many kings were built hundreds of stupas, while wasted as well as gold gilded are still decorated in the rolling gulls. It is also famous for those who is fond of meditating, it becomes the major meditation centre for all Buddhist. There are many heritages for hermits and monasteries for monks, rest houses for nuns and laymen. A few kilometers from Sagaing, one can enjoy visiting the biggest dome-style stupa with solid bricks, which remind for the great Maha Sedi of Srilanka. It is known as Kaungmudaw Sedi of the great merit of the King.

Pottery works and famous silver smiths are also the main business of Sagaing



An excursion across the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River by simple local boat to the old village “Mingu” is a well worth visit for the travelers considered to be the biggest piles of bricks in the world it is known as the biggest unfinished temple “Mingun Pathodawgyi”. Its stand firmly with the basement of 152 meters high, but work was abandoned after 15 years at 1797. Another one main attractions is the largest ringing bell, weighs 90 tons, donated by the same King Bodawpaya in Konboung dynasty. Also one can enjoy with the beautiful architectural designed stupa, Mya Theintan (or) Sin Phyumai Pagoda and from the top to look over the panoramic view of the Ayeyarwaddy River. For a small place Mingun is enormously rewarding, not least for the River journey to reach it.



About 136 kilo meters to the west of Mandalay is Monywa, the business centre of the North West part of the country. Famous for its places of interest are Thanbodeday (Moe Nhyin) temple with millions of small Buddha images on both interior and exterior parts of the temple, the biggest reclining Buddha image lies in front of the highest standing Buddha image. Also Monywa is well known of Po Win Taung, which has more than 800 small caves, sculptured on the natural Lime stone hillock, dating back to 16th to 17th Century. Different style of lacquer ware works can be seen at Kyaukka village near Monywa.